Friday, April 30, 2010

Gizmo’s That May Be Of Interest

Here are some cool productivity and conservation gizmo’s I’ve been intro recently.  They all work even better than advertised.

First is FITBIT, a very small wireless thingy that fits on your belt or attaches to clothing and automatically measures and downloads some cool health information including your steps taken during the day and other activities, sleep and calorie intake per day.product   You can also manually check a walk or run.

Next is Helmet Secure, a device that fits neatly on your motorcycle handle bar etc. and has a very cool and much better than has existed way to secure your helmet and/or jacket to your bike when you run into a store or meeting or restaurant.


Third is the Evolve Showerhead Ladybug Adapter that permits you to turn on the shower to warm up while you’re doing other things.  The water runs until it reaches the temperature set and then turns off automatically.  You then flip a little thingy when you get in and voila.  Saves energy and water.10335

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This is a tie said...

That Evolve Showerhead Ladybug Adapter looks insane. I definitely want to check that out! I'm always looking for energy efficient solutions for my apt since it saves money more than anything. You should write a blog post about these eco chargers instead of shutting off your water it shuts off the power to your phone charger so that it doesn't over charge and it doesn't waste electricity!

Sort of in the same vein, I thought.