Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Continuation Of My Career In Branding

I’ve finished scanning and securing just short of 2,600 family and personal images. I’ve prepaid and given my youngest sister a gift box from http://www.scancafe/, so she can do he same with her own family photos, many not among the 2,600 just complete. I hope to do the same for my middle sister and my daughter.

Particularly precious and rare are nearly 250 from the early 1900's, late 1800's of ancestors going back five generations. I’ll upload those eventually to their place on my “in-progress” family tree on ancestry.comHB Larger

All of these images are part of me since childhood, if you’re like me and sat for hours looking at family photos. They are part of my unique “brand.”

I’ve also tracked down documentation for my family’s earliest brand mark such as the HB underscored to the right, for the right rib of cattle, preceded by HB without the underscore registered for the left thigh of a horse.

Thanks to the Idaho Historical Society and to Larry Hayhurst, the Idaho State Brand Inspector who kindly and patiently volunteered to look back through brand books for me during a lull in hunting down cattle rustlers.00539_p_10aeuyf6sw0663_z

They were originally registered by Hyrum Edward Bowman, my Great Grandfather (shown left,) who along with my Grandfather homesteaded near Lemon Lake and Sand Creek (Ora) at the turn of the 1900’s in the Yellowstone-Teton region of Idaho.HE Bowman HB Brand Registration - Left Thigh Horse

I guess the mustache is part of my brand as well.

To the left is one of the two registrations I have for these brands (click to enlarge.) When I get time I may try to run down one of the actual irons.

So after a nearly 40 year career of distilling, defending and promoting the brands of three different communities. It is fun as part of my retirement to turn my attention to recovering archeology of the Bowman brand.

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