Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Utah Equips Non-Residents To Carry Concealed!

I was born in Idaho but went to college in Utah, although I bleed blue, not red.

In a way I’m not surprised by the NYT’s story today that half of the nearly 242,000 permits granted there to carry a concealed fire arm are quickies granted to non-residents. The state also has reciprocal agreements with 31 states including North Carolina where I live.recip-map

I wonder if that’s what state officials there anticipated when they voted some years back to waive residency requirements along with many others.

Sure, it is the Wild West…but are they sure all of these reciprocal states or even Utah itself is diligent about felony and mental health checks?

I’m not. Nor do I think this was what the Founding Fathers had in mind. But then again, I’m just from Idaho.

With roughly half of homicides committed between people who know one another, and many of those in domestic disputes…nah, no worry, as I’m often told…murderers don’t get gun permits…or do they?

When it comes to domestic violence, it isn’t just felons and those in the mental health system about which we need to worry. Right to bear arms yes…quickie permits, no!

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