Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Need To Elect Some Real Republicans!

First let me say I’m an independent and one of those progressive independents that would proudly launch 8 figure radio vitriologists into another apoplectic diatribe.

But I can agree we need to elect some Republications…new Republicans in the mold of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and yes, at heart,

The Republican Party began to purge itself of all but conservatives during the Barry Goldwater days of the 1960’s. A person I admired and respected at the time but the conservatives surrounding him are responsible for pushing me to the center, actually slightly left of center.

The Republican Party used to be home to many progressives. People who could not only handle change but actively pursued it. People like Romney's’, both Father and Son, until the Son seems to have turned hard right in an attempt to, well you know what.

You probably started scratching your head when you read Reagan. Yes, revered by conservatives, this president had a progressive streak a mile wide. If alive he might even think of swinging back to being a Democrat after witnessing the vile in his party today about immigration reform.

We need ideologically diverse political parties.

The Democratic Party too hasn’t always been as diverse as it is today, particularly in my adopted state of North Carolina, which due to conservative Democrats both in Raleigh and D.C. missed out on a lot of the best parts of the New Deal. Sheesh, even South Carolina had a “progressive” Governor back then.

True statesmanship knows no party.

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