Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gadgets And Motorcycles Go Hand In Hand

I’m a self professed gadget person. I’m fourth, maybe fifth generation at least. My Great Great Grandfather had one of the first thrashing machines.

That isn’t why I learned to ride motorcycles at the dawn of my seventh generation of life. But I know now they definitely go hand in hand.Review Snippet

Owning and enjoying a motorcycle, even one as classically styled as the Cross Bones is all about accessories. And the newest to catch my attention is a new helmet that will soon be DOT approved if it hasn’t already.

Click on the image at right or go to .

It features a screen across the top of the visor so with a quick glance up you can check a much wider, more complete vision of what’s going on behind you than you can get with the side mirrors.

And I’m getting an alternate seat in a week or two with a backrest (lumbar support) to extend my range. We’ll see about the cross country. It is probably more fun to think about than do. I can’t imagine it being more fun than country roads around North Carolina.

But half the trip is gadgets….

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