Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Forever Redwood – Forever Toady


Durham is widely known for social innovation and enterprise.  Historically it can go back to George Watts Hill innovating employer health insurance for employees and today it is Burt’s Bees, TROSA, SEEDs and many more.

So when my older English Bulldog passed earlier this year I thought of Forever Redwood for a memorial.  Forever Redwood makes furniture and I’m just getting a nice little, stepping stool, engraved for Toady seen below in a glamour shot:)Toady's Glamour Shot

But Forever Redwood’s mission is reforestation and conservation of these spectacular trees found mostly in Northern California.  The parent company is OAG or Old-Growth Again Forestry and the furniture is just how they fund the reforestation and forest management to restore more of these forests and this greatest of trees.

The furniture is made from logs left on the forest floor where logging took place in the past century.

Forever Toady, Toadetta, Toadalicous, Toadster – Mugs and I still miss you!

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