Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I’m Counted

My census form came via mail yesterday and I returned it by mail this morning.  Very simple to complete and oh so important.


Genealogy is one my many interests (right up there with my weather station, motorcycle, landscape, books, movies, Blue Devil basketball and of course my bulldog Mugs.

I use several sites but in particular has permitted me to find census records not only in the US but other countries going way, way, way back.  In fact, I have some relatives like Mohun (his son and I share the same first name) and Montgomery who were knights with William and listed in his 1085-86 Domesday Survey.

US Census records aren’t public until after 70+ years but that means I’ve found some for my parents too.

I catch a fair amount of talk radio and I just don’t get the folks in our country who claim to be patriots but resist everything including the Census except my Dad when he was alive could sound that way.

He was always saying FDR and the Supreme Court sold us down the river…everybody he didn’t agree with was tagged a socialist or communist ….and he was a little racist…

Fortunately, I had equal numbers of strong Democrats and strong Republicans on both sides going way back to my Great, Great Grandfather Charles Harper who in one of the first wagon trains across the plains and in his 90’s was very clear in a news article about being a Democrat.

But from my earliest memories of relatives feeling strongly about politics, they were always proud to be citizens of this country, grateful the government did things only the government could do and always willing to stand up and be counted…even my Dad.

Regardless of your politics, your ethnicity, even your citizenship…completing the Census form is one of the most important things you can do…

And if you choose not too, don’t give me a bunch of crap about how important freedom and this country are to you…

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