Friday, March 12, 2010

Pay Your Share Internet!

Click to enlarge this chart below that appears on today depicting new Forrester Research on the continued, spectacular growth of online shopping.

Even during the recession this area has continued to explode with 154 million people buying something online this year.  It is time to have these companies all pay sales tax…we need to level the playing field for small, locally based businesses and help offset the tax burden on residents who will ultimately shoulder the burden this causes local and state governments.

I’m tired of hearing these giant companies whine…pay your share.  Or let me put it another way, collect your share.  Only a small part of sales tax is shouldered by the business anyway…even more reason they should stop whining!

Expedia, Amazon etc…take leadership and do the right thing.



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The Gourmez said...

Couldn't agree more. As a taxpayer who is happy to pay taxes to support government programs, I'd much prefer these taxes were paid at purchase than to try and guess at the end of the year for NC state taxes.