Thursday, March 25, 2010

HC Insurance Reform Balances the Playing Field

As an Independent, I think healthcare insurance reform was an important first step to healthcare reform for several reasons and significantly for business, it levels the playing field.

I realize that some small businesses before reading it or even the summaries will term it as coercion.  With the junk on many talk radio programs who can blame them.

But you see many small businesses try to carry or provide health insurance and some even try to pay a living wage because they know it is good business and it is right.  But many won’t do it until they must and we’ve been paying the price.  When the reforms kick in, even though they get significant incentives, the fact that all businesses will be in the same position will level the playing field in numerous ways.metsvsyankees04003gi2

I see the way we have dealt with health insurance as very similar to the way this country first tried to pay for hard infrastructure, with voluntary assessments.  But roads, sewer, water only make sense when everyone shoulders a fair share.

With healthcare, many of us have been carrying those who won’t or couldn’t insure.  Now we have the beginning of a means that will be much more equitable and it cuts the deficit.

I realized a few will argue that the old way was just fine.  But they were paying huge hidden costs regardless of what they thought.  Now the burden will be much more fairly distributed.

And you know what….healthy consumers are good consumers and good consumers are good for business.

And before we label this with partisan terms.  All the Democrats did is come around to some reforms proposed in part by three or more Republican presidents.

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Sorry Reyn, with this latest post of yours I officially stopped reading your blog. Enough.

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