Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bull City Connector Is Unique In Scope & Leverage

Emerging from a sketch 20 years ago on a cocktail napkin, Durham’s Bull City Connector, launching this month, goes far beyond the typical complimentary downtown circulator found in many cities.  It also illustrates how local government can leverage organizations including the relevance of a Destination Marketing Organization as a community’s marketing agency.Capture

The Bull City Connector, thanks to funding in part from Duke University will provide jump on/off connections (click on map to enlarge) to:

  • A string of 8 dining and entertainment centers,
  • Several medical centers, campuses, government and office centers and,
  • Venues such as ballparks, theaters, festivals and outdoor markets and the Durham Convention Center and,
  • North Carolina Central University (NCCU) via a connection at Durham Transit Station and DATA Route #5 (fare-free with ID for students and faculty.)

Scores of organizations and neighborhoods collaborated on the project.  As Durham’s destination marketing organization, the City and DATA engaged DCVB for marketing assistance and “overarching'” brand integration as well as other marketing services including:

  • Design of the map and collateral
  • Design and integrate the website
  • Train drivers (new staff and uniforms, more like tour guides etc)
  • Collateral distribution to 130 visitor outlets in Durham
  • Promotion in all official literature and websites for visitors and newcomers
  • Promotion through Durham News Service, eNews and other publicity avenues
  • Development and launch of a Facebook Fan Page
  • Other marketing assistance

Astute communities like Durham understand and leverage the roles, relationships and relevance of their Destination Marketing Organizations.

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