Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Durham, At Duke!

People are justifiably very envious of Durham, North Carolina as the home of Duke University. Time and again people in surrounding communities have tried to either appropriate Duke’s identity or insinuate that the university should somehow be “above” Durham.DP “Bless their hearts” as we say in the Southeast when people are being ridiculous.

But fortunately, Duke’s leadership hasn’t fallen for that crap although there may be commuters from these other communities who work there and reportedly try to perpetuate it.

Duke Performances’ Director Aaron Greenwald is one of many including Coaches Krzyzewski and Cutcliffe who set a great example of how to leverage both the identity of a great university and its hometown.

Duke Performances’ slogan for its series is an example of how easily and smoothly it can be to link community and university, “In Durham, At Duke, A Nation Made New!”

It is one thing to be home to a world renowned university but what makes Duke University unique is that it has always understood that it takes a great community to make a great university.

By the way, Duke Performances are made accessible to every part of the Durham community as its tickets are offered as much as 30% below the cost of comparable events elsewhere and click here for ways to help ensure it can continue to do that.

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