Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toolkit Pioneered To Better Equip DMO Governing Boards

Known nationwide for innovations, Durham’s official marketing agency, the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB), has created an online toolkit on behalf of the Destination Marketing Association of North Carolina.  The toolkit will help its other member Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) across the state provide more consistent and thorough orientations for governing board members.tda toolkit

The toolkit (click here or on the image to see four sample screens) can be guided or self-guided and provides governing boards (known as Tourism Development Authorities in North Carolina) an overview of not only the roles of a DMO in general but also the nature of tourism as demand-side economic development and the various types of organizations involved.

The toolkit also offers a consistent way to aid governing board members with an understanding of the responsibility to safeguard the North Carolina General Assembly’s legislative guidelines and restrictions when local option room occupancy and tourism development taxes are enabled to self-fund visitor centric economic and cultural development for cities, towns and counties.

The sample screen captures linked here are but a very few of the pieces of the toolkit which is being rolled out as one of many benefits to membership in DMANC.  The toolkit, the latest DCVB collaboration on which ABC 11 WTVD provided voiceover, is destined to be just the the latest of the Bureau’s ever-expanding list of well more than 120 recognized innovations and best practices.

Congratulations to DCVB and DMANC!

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