Monday, August 16, 2010

Recognition For Durham Wait Staff Rock Stars

In the just-out August/September issue of Durham Magazine, editor Matt Dees made a brilliant decision in recognizing several of the stalwarts of Durham’s nationally recognized foodie scene.img079

Few careers are more difficult than those in restaurants and none are more critical to the success of Durham’s celebrated restaurants than rock star wait staffs.

In an excellent article by freelance writer, author and DM contributor Emily Matchar with excellent photography by Briana Brough, I was delighted to see three people recognized with whom I’ve struck up friendships over the years.

Graham and Brad Weddington at Nana’s, just down the hill from where I live, are both friends with whom I visit several times a week. And for years now, I’ve been friends with Alison Martliew during her time at several restaurants in Durham including now both at Pop’s old and new locations.img080

One of the obvious perks of my former position as CEO of Durham’s official marketing agency, was becoming colleagues as well as good friends with many in Durham’s colony of nationally recognized chefs.

But equally pivotal to bringing Durham its foodie reputation are the many individuals and “first responders” represented by the folks in this excellent article.

Kudos to Durham Magazine, now in its third year, and publisher Dan Shannon who previously founded Chapel Hill Magazine. Tough to launch in a downturn but it is a testament to Dan’s commitment and determination.

Like most “city” magazines, Durham Magazine, as noted on its website, is very narrowly cast every other month, to 15,000 upscale households and businesses. Subscriptions and sales through selected newsstands and grocery stories bring the total bi-monthly distribution to 40,000. Hopefully, in time, it will be much more broadly distributed.

I receive mine at home through paid subscription.

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