Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fairway’s Future Is Looking Down

The Cincinnati Reds gave away 10,000 skateboard decks at a game this year.  The depiction below shown on one of Fast Company’s blogs, illustrates a far less obtrusive alternative for Fairway Outdoor Advertising’s future.  These rolling billboards won’t clutter up cityscapes and view-sheds and piss off 70% of the population.  Great replacement for outmoded outdoor billboards, digital or otherwise.

Skateboards As Billboards

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Barry said...

We took a 3500 mile road trip this spring, the overwhelming majority through cities and states that we had never been in before. We found restaurants, motels, and roadside attractions everywhere by using our cell phone, without ever having to rely on a single billboard for information.

Smart advertisers know where the "bright and progressive" future is, and it ain't on billboards.