Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another Way I’m Already Subsidizing Raleigh Water!

Paying for water can always seem a bit counterintuitive.  But my most recent experience borders on the ridiculous!

A couple of months ago I had all new faucets and all new tank innards installed along with a new pressure gizmo.  The installer said I should expect my water bill to go down.  But instead, my current bill is double what it was this time last year and, in fact higher than any other month, ever.LkMichie_03

I know the weather has been very hot and I watered more often but I can’t imagine why it was double.  But it is what it is.

What makes this all a bit surreal is that water has been spilling out of Durham’s two very well-planned reservoirs because they they have been full.  Additionally it looks like we’ll be getting some hurricane related moisture as planned and Durham has 252 days of water supply on hand.

So I guess I’m essentially paying for water that during that two month period was going over the dams and downstream to another community?   And said community is trying to ding Durham residents for billions to clean up that community’s water supply?

Is this a great country or what?


p.s. Yes, I do understand that the price we pay for water is to fund infrastructure to capture and deliver it.

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Reyn said...

Got an immediate call of concern from the City and they are going to double check the reading.