Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How Travelers Use Smartphones!

Peter Yesawich and I worked together for only about 40 minutes more than 20 years ago.   We  found ourselves immediately on the “same page” but unfortunately no one else in the room was.  Peter and I are both information-driven though we didn’t realize that everyone else thought each participant was expected to only share their “opinions.”

Oh, how many times have I seen that scary movie?Ypartnership

Peter moved south to found Orlando-based Ypartnership and I came east and a bit south to jump-start and run the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau.  I was always disappointed another opportunity never came along to work with Peter before my retirement eight months ago after nearly 40 years in community marketing.

Peter and his team distribute one of the most useful eNews/blogs for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) professionals.  If as I am, you’re a big user of a Smartphone, then you’ll want to check out this blog. They aren’t as prevalent yet as those of us who use them think they are…but this research is an excellent peak into how they will be used when they become ubiquitous.

Click on the chart to enlarge but better yet click on the blog.  And you’re well advised to either subscribe or add it to your Google blog reader.


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