Friday, September 10, 2010

State-by-State Political and Religious Makeup

Gallup scientific public opinion polls revealing the current breakdown of political ideology and religious affiliation, state-by-state, are enlightening. It would be so interesting to contrast this with breakdowns during the "progressive era” but I don’t believe it exists that far back, at least in a context that would be “apples to apples.”No Particular Religious Identity

It may not such a surprise (when you click on the links above) to learn that 26% of California adults self-identify as liberal, but I bet it will be news to learn that 15% of adults in states like Alabama and Idaho are likewise. Even Alaskans, notoriously “independent” politically but presumed by many to all be “conservative” due to Sarah Palin’s notoriety, are 20% “liberal,” one in five.

Oregon and Vermont, assumed by many to be liberal are in fact, almost even.

Equally interesting are the state by state results for religious affiliation. But the chart above (click on the image to enlarge or go to the link above) showing the percentage with no affiliation, may be the surprise. That of course, isn’t the same as “not religious,” just no affiliation with any particular organized religion.

That’s one area, my birth state, Idaho and my adopted home state, North Carolina seem to have in common.

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