Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shaking Hands Just Took On New Meaning

People must think they are invisible in public restrooms.  At least on the men’s side, where all of my post adolescent observations have taken place, you see guys dart out the door without washing up after using the facilities like it was protected by the 2nd amendment.images

Both observational and self-reporting studies released yesterday indicate “us guys” are doing better with hand washing up from just 66% in 2007 to 77% this year.

Still, knowing that one in four men don’t wash up means the custom of hand-shaking can be a bit disturbing…but hey, at least 82% now wash up after changing a diaper:-(

But 6 out of every 10 respondents still fail to wash after coughing or sneezing. But by the looks for many public wash rooms, that’s the least of our problems.

By the way, holding hands with females is a lot safer with 93% washing their hands…but then there’s always that one in 10…

Behavior is trending in the right direction but for those more worried about individual salvation,  the percentage reporting they wash-up, 96%, falls to 85% during the observational phase…

Now before we vote,  if Harris Interactive can just cross tab a few panels and shed some light on whether liberals are more likely than conservatives or TPers to wash up:-)

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