Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Small Businesses Underestimate Usefulness Of Websites

Communities seeking to grow the vitality of small, neighborhood, independent businesses must deal with the fact that fewer than half provide access via the Internet, according to analysis of data sources by Formstack (click on the image for full illustration.)Small Businesses and Websites

Of those small businesses that do utilize the websites, 80% just provide basic information such as location, hours and phone number perhaps and only 30% are involved in ecommerce.

The proportion of small businesses using websites has increased from a third in 2007 to forty-five percent in 2009.  Telling is that the proportion deploying websites rises dramatically as gross sales increase, reaching 69% for businesses with annual sales of more than a million dollars.

Only 19% cite cost as a factor while 41% just don’t see the need.

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