Monday, March 21, 2011

Tourism Sector Representatives Stunned By New Proposed Statewide Billboard Threat!

There were a lot of stunned looks on the faces of representatives of North Carolina’s $17 billion tourism sector, meeting last week in Asheville at the Governor’s Conference, when news circulated that a car dealer from Jacksonville was justifying legislation filed on behalf of the Outdoor Billboard industry as “business-friendly.”

Fueling outrage across the state is the risk that the bill signals to the scenic beauty, historical and cultural features central to tourism as the state’s second or third largest economic sector and relied upon now by 40,000 Tar Heel businesses.Capture

Click here for a fact sheet on the companion Senate/House bills involved which will override local regulations, reduce publicly owned forestation, prohibit local enforcement of tree cutting and line North Carolina’s roadways with as many as seven digital billboards per mile.

before and after

Click on the images to see dramatic illustrations of the bill’s impact on tree cutting in the right-of-way and view-shed which belongs to North Carolina residents.

For more photos and before and after illustrations of the bill’s devastating impact on tourism and North Carolina’s unique-sense-of-place click here.

Click on each of the three of the links below to send emails opposing Senate Bill 183 and House Bill 309 to members of the Senate Transportation Committee and House Transportation Committee.

Senate Transportation Committee

House Transportation Committee 1

House Transportation Committee 2


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