Thursday, March 31, 2011

Per Capita Water Use Peaked 30 Years Ago

Got some plants in just in time for the drenching we received this week.  For some interesting perspective on water use, click here or on the image visible to the right to see the complete infographic I spotted this weekend.Water World

Even though my landscape is 99% natural, my water bill shot up nearly 1000% at times last year, even when Durham’s reservoirs appeared to be at or near capacity with water occasionally spilling over, so I guess I was paying my share for water actually used downstream in other communities.

I’m just kidding but that does put a new meaning to the term “double dipping.”

I emailed and called after I paid and folks were concerned and going to check.  I didn’t hear back and I know they were swamped.  Anyway, my philosophy is it all comes out even along he line.  I’ve been blessed and water is still the best deal going.

The piece of this infographic that caught my attention when I first studied it in this month’s Fast Company Magazine is that per capita water use peaked in the USA more than thirty years ago and today it is much less than it was in 1955.

Appears we’re heading in the right direction.  Much more than my water bill, I’m concerned by the part of the infographic showing 4 out of every 10 people worldwide who either don’t have access to clean water at all or must walk to retrieve it.

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