Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stickies Wisdom - Old School vs. New School Marketing

Some good things have been coming out of Wisconsin recently and I’m certainly not talking about union-busting or even Sweet 16 basketball or my good friend Bill Geist, master of the minimalist blog.

I’m referring to the humorous but insightful “stickies” posted by Lindsay, Stone & Briggs on the Madison-based firm’s website.  With permission I’m including two in this blog that illustrate what I call “old school” vs. “new school” marketing (click each to enlarge.)Marketing in 20th Century

The two illustrations, one labeled 20th century and the other 21st century, aren’t intended to be comprehensive and focus on advertising, just one component of marketing.Marketing In 21st Century

But even those still obsessed with the big, expensive, showy ad campaigns of yore will get the point, I think.

For other stickies go to the top, right of LSB’s website and click to enlarge them.

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