Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Rankings Benchmark Metro Areas For Well-Being

The four-county metro area centered around my adopted home of Durham, North Carolina ranks chart27th on the Gallup Well-Being Index released Tuesday.

Durham is the second highest ranking MSA in North Carolina a few positions down from Raleigh-Cary. But clicking on the chart to the right to enlarge it is more revealing and can be customized to your state and MSA.

Durham ranks about the same as it did the year before in diabetes but well below the average of all metros. The percentage of people who are obese in Durham is down from last year and also well below the average for MSA’s.

But we’re also exercising and eating fresh produce less often in Durham than last year, below the average for all metros.

There is a certain well-documented condescension about Durham among the population down in Raleigh-Cary, fostered in no small part of news media based there. So before they go all smug on me, that MSA has a higher percentage of both of people with diabetes and who are obese.

But apparently our neighbors to the south and east nudged Durham out by two spots by exercising more and eating their fruits and veggies.

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